Annual Maintenance

We serve companies of all sizes and home users with maintenance of their entire information technology infrastructure. Our services range from consulting to administration, cover all eventualities to ensure that a reliable IT system will support you in your work, rather than hinder you.


The primary objective of regular maintenance is to identify errors at an early stage to address potential problems in advance. This saves time and trouble for your whole company.


Maintenance and prevention can save you and your company money - most problems can be avoided by appropriate maintenance before system failure.  In addition to your routine security and maintenance processes for your computer, you should perform an annual PC “tune up” or maintenance to be sure that your computer is operating efficiently, that appropriate software updates and settings have been applied and to minimize the risk of losing your data.

Before performing maintenance all data is backed up to avoid potential loss of files. a typical annual maintenance would include the following services;

  • Run security and maintenance routines
  • Clear temporary files and malicious software threats
  • Update Drivers, Virus and Spyware security
  • Check Operating System and Hard Drive
  • Reconfigure settings for optimum use
  • Scan Repair registry system files