Business Backup Solutions

a comprehensive and regular backup is essential part of the IT infrastructure, Backup systems make a copy of data stored on the PC, laptop, server, now also tablets and smart phones such as Apple iPhones, iPads and Google Android devices. Files, photos and even a complete image of the system can be created and stored on an external device or cloud based platform.

Backup system can be a simple external USB drive, a Flashdrive or a Network Storage device that can backup multiple computers to a central location or a Cloud Storage Facility.


We will pick up, repair and return your computer or other equipment

Home Visits

We can visit you at home - to carry out the repair onsite where possible or advise you on action required.

Drop Off

You can drop your computer at our workshop in Bridgnorth where will assess and carry out repairs

Copying to a storage device can be done manually by copy and paste or there are various software packages to automate backups.

Data protection is a top priority. Our computer service relies on recognized solutions that guarantee the security of your data. The preventive data backup is cheaper than data recovery in case of emergency. In a data loss should be dispensed to self-tests for data recovery because the risk of further damage is great. If you have any data loss to us immediately.