PC/Mac Repairs

AD Technic provide a fast solutions to hardware problems. We can repair and service all types of laptops, PC's, servers, printers, monitors and a range other hardware . Our customer service solves your hardware problems either on-site service or in our Bridgnorth workshop. We are not tied to anyone supplier or manufacturer so can supply the best option for our client with faster response times, we only use components parts from a highly reliable network of distributors to ensure reliability and compatibility.  in approach of PC repairs, we provide a structured analysis of the error and quickly trouble shoot errors and problems on your computer hardware.


We will pick up, repair and return your computer or other equipment

Home Visits

We can visit you at home - to carry out the repair onsite where possible or advise you on action required.

Drop Off

You can drop your computer at our workshop in Bridgnorth where will assess and carry out repairs

Common problems

computers can start to run slowly, it can just be a lack of maintenance. fragmented file structure, a corrupted registry, spyware or outdated software and drivers,

Worn and failing Hard Drives can cause slow response, freezing random restarting, start up problems and Blue Screen errors, hard drives can also fail without any warning, so backup regularly and have at least two copies of important data,

Computer shuts down without warning, commonly this is due to failing power supply (PSU),  overheating when the computers thermal cut out shuts itself of to cool down, can be caused by dust build up, poor ventilation or damaged cooling fan,

Apple mac problems, at start-up a blank folder with a question mark can indicate a corrupt Operating System (OSX), hard drive failure or a damaged data cable,

When you don't hear the chime when your MacBook or iMac is turned on or just hear a single tone, a series of tones, or get flashing lights, this can indicate a hardware fault or failure.  commonly a problem with the logic board, memory, PRAM, SMC or graphics card,

Kernel Panic happens when the Mac OS X operating system detects an internal fatal error and which it cannot safely recover, normally cause by software application.




  • Memory upgrades RAM
  • Keyboard replacement
  • Battery replacement
  • Hard drive replacements and upgrades
  • Software problems and upgrades
  • Driver installation
  • Screen replacements
  • DVD/RW Replacement
  • Motherboard replacements

Desktop PC

  • Bad memory replacement RAM
  • Keyboard replacement
  • CMOS Battery
  • Clicking or noisy hard drive
  • Corrupt software
  • Hardware system drivers
  • Graphics card overheating
  • DVD/RW upgrade
  • Mainboard upgrade & expansion

Apple Mac

  • Memory upgrades RAM
  • Keyboard repair
  • Hard drive repair & imaging
  • Solid State Drive upgrades
  • OSX operating system problems  
  • interface driver installation
  • MacBook Screen replacements
  • SuperDrive repair
  • Logic board replacements