Common Faults – Overheating

PCs and laptops all make of computer including manufactures such as  Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, HP, Toshiba or Acer have three main problems, heat, humidity and dust. Excess heat accelerates the deterioration of the delicate circuits and dust can causes heat build up by blocks the fan ports and sticking to cooling fans reducing efficiency and therefore reduces the life expectancy of components and causes failure of CPU, Hard Drives and can even cause motherboards to fail due to repeated thermal expansion, some models are more susceptible to this than others and can fail in around 12 months, AD Technic recommends maintenance at least once per year.

Symptoms of overheating PC or Laptop can be,

  • Hotspots on parts of Laptop, put your hand on bottom, sides and sometimes area just below screen.
  • Noisy fan and fan constantly running.
  • Randomly turning it’s self off
  • bluescreen errors, can mean hardware errors, such as video card or memory failing due to overheating,

Help to prevent overheating PC’s and Laptops

  • Most laptops have air vents on bottom and sides, some are on rear but usually older models and Apple Macbook, so make sure these are not blocked during use, don’t uses on beds or cushions, this can be dangerous and blocks vents, will also cause dust and other particles to be drawn into Laptop,
  • PC have more area for cooling but still can be overheated and draw in lots of dust, most PC’s move air from front to back to draw air over components and usually a vent on left to air cooling, so don’t push back of PC against wall or pack anything around computer case,
  • Routers and other equipment placed on top of computer can cause problems and can also cause routers to overheat and fail or randomly shut down or restart,