Virus & Spyware Removal

If your computer is running slower than expected or you have unwanted pop-ups appearing, computer becomes unusable and maybe receiving warnings from unknown companies of security issues, chances are your computer has picked up one of many types of viruses, hijackers or malware.

These can be accidentally download or pushed into the computer without your knowledge, even with up to date protection. viruses or spyware virus have become a generic term  to describe a wide range of security threats. Virus can also mean worms, trojans, rootkits, spyware, hijackers and other assorted malware that can compromise your computer system and network.

Even the warnings that report security issues and tool bars that appear and change the home page or redirect your internet searches can be threats.

Mac users never have needed to be concerned about malware before, but things are changing. There have been more episodes of Mac virus & malware infections as hackers are developing malware that specifically targets Apple Mac computers . be aware of  iAnti-Virus or MacKeeper, these types of applications in many cases are considered malware, disguised as performance software applications for Mac.


We will pick up, repair and return your computer or other equipment

Home Visits

We can visit you at home - to carry out the repair onsite where possible or advise you on action required.

Drop Off

You can drop your computer at our workshop in Bridgnorth where will assess and carry out repairs

  •  Adware is software that uses some sort of advertising delivery system. Sometimes the manner that advertisements are delivered can be deceptive in that they track or reveal extra information about you than you would like. Most of the time, you agree to the adware when you install the software that it comes with tracking you. Generally, it can be taken out by uninstalling the software it was attached to.


  • Spyware  software that tracks your computer and discloses assembled information to an involved party. When it tracks what webpages you see, this could be benign; when it monitors everything you do with keyboard and your mouse or it may be incredibly invasive. 
  • Ransomware  now a popular way for criminals to extort money, the infection alters the system allowing take over of the computer and blocking access completely or encrypting files and email, it will then display a message demanding  payment to have the computer unlocked. and return access to your system. 


  • Scareware  software that seems to be something legit (usually masquerading as some tool to help fix your computer) but when it runs it tells you that your system is either infected or broken in some manner. This message is generally delivered in an approach that is intended to frighten you into doing something. The software promises in order if you pay them to repair your problems.