PC/Mac Repairs & Servicing

If your computer regularly crashes, gets stuck starting up, is slow, or you’re just not sure what’s going wrong, we can troubleshoot your computer, carry out the repair required and optimise it for you. Whether you need the screen or hard drive replaced on your laptop or a power supply on a PC

we deal with  all manufacturers and models of Windows PC & Laptops, Apple Desktops, Laptops and iPads, including MacBook Pro, Mac Mini and iMac, 
We can fix Internet, Networking, Wi-Fi problems, Software and Hardware related issues.

computer repair is structured first of all to keep your data safe. We check your PC or laptop for temperature problems, data consistency and condition of the hard drive, virus and malware attack, misconfiguration of the operating system, and much more, to prevent further errors,

you may find most companies offering a repair service will just want to wipe your computer and re install, this will not fix hardware problems, such as over heating, RAM memory faults, hard drive problems and slow running. so problem will return in time


We will pick up, repair and return your computer or other equipment

Home Visits

We can visit you at home - to carry out the repair onsite where possible or advise you on action required.

Drop Off

You can drop your computer at our workshop in Bridgnorth where will assess and carry out repairs

The main goal of routine care will be to identify errors from an early period to deal with possible issues ahead of time. This saves potential problems arising plus time and prevents data loss.

Prevention and care can save you money - most issues could be prevented by proper care before system failure. Along with your routine security as well as care procedures for your pc, you need to perform a yearly PC "tune up" or care to be sure your pc is functioning economically, that suitable software updates and settings are used and to minimize the danger of losing your information.

  • Laptop screen repair & replacement
  • Virus Removal
  • Hard drive upgrade & repair
  • Power supply replacement
  • Mainboard batteries
  • keyboard repair
  • Problems using Google Chrome
  • PC Power supply upgrade & replacement
  • Cooling fan dust removal & upgrades
  • DVD/CD drive repair
  • Blue screen error
  • Noisy hard drive replacement
  • Windows start-up problems
  • Internet problems & popups
  • Kernel Panic error
  • Black Screen
  • Tool bars & popups
  • Safari freezing
  • Internet Explorer Problems
  • Lost password or locked out